The new EU-funded REACH project will integrate personalised medical solutions for seniors into buildings, such as homes and care homes, in order to engage them in more physical activities for better health and ageing.

Elderly people playing video-games

The Horizon2020 project REACH is developing a solution aiming to reduce Long Term Care (LTC). It will serve as a personalised system for promoting and monitoring the activity of elderly citizens in order to reduce their risk of loss of function and associated morbidities.

Evidence shows that increased levels of physical activity improves health in older adults. However, in highly industrialised countries, the levels of physical activity are declining while the levels of chronic health conditions are increasing, while people tend to live longer. In fact, it is difficult to increase physical activity, mobilisation and rehabilitation among older adults, who are also reluctant to use wearable devices for instant feedback during training sessions.

An interactive system

REACH adopts a proactive strategy of detection and prevention. It is targeting the elderly for whom engagement in physical activities is crucial to their continued independent living. Four core functional elements - measure, monitor, promote and activate - are set into relation to each other by a "service blue print concept", which uses them to create a feedback loop that will govern the interaction between end users and the REACH system via Touchpoints. REACH will continuously measure the user activities in the front end, while monitoring at the back-end the processes. It will then predict acute events and unusual patterns for potential activations by the system or caregivers at the front-end.  

Better healthcare ICT in Europe

The ultimate goal of the project is to allow European industry, including SMEs, to capitalise on the European high-techknowhow, to make Europe a market leader in prevention technologies, services and underlying healthcare ICT platforms, and at the same time encounter the ultimate cause of rising healthcare expenditures.


The project consortium includes research institutes, universities and industry experts from Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

This H2020 project will run for four years with a total EU budget of € 4,588,315.

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Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare
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