Next Generation Internet (NGI) will be one of the hot topics at ICT 2018 event in Vienna.

NGI slogan and picture

What should an internet of humans that respects European societal values look like? Which services should it offer, how can it support people's real needs and  address global sustainability challenges?

We aim high:  an interoperable ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds dear like openness, inclusion, cooperation, respect, privacy and security.

For that we need to invest in technologies. The Next Generation Internet will build on a powerful infrastructure including 5G and smart software-defined connectivity, a green and cognitive cloud, Internet of things (IoT) and distributed ledger technologies. It will use the infrastructure for applications such as artificial intelligence, transparent language access, trustworthy social media and social networking and for the experience of  interactive and immersive technologies.

The programme of events and the exhibition stands at ICT 2018 listed below are dedicated to the Next Generation Internet and dive into its key technology building blocks. All of the sessions touch on pertinent questions about how we can build a better internet in the future: an internet of humans!

Let’s bring discussions to the next level.

The event is free to attend but registration is mandatory.

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Plenary session 6

Wednesday, 05/12/2018

14:30 – 16:00     “Next Generation Internet: Beyond the Internet”

Parallel session

Wednesday, 05/12/2018

16:30 - 18:00       "The digital citizen"

Networking sessions related to NGI

Tuesday, 04/12/2018

16:00-16:45         Let's create the next generation internet - it's ours to shape!
Organiser: Trust-IT Services Ltd

17:00-17:45         Where Multilingualism, Big Data & AI meet: Language Technology for the NGI

Organiser: DFKI

Wednesday, 05/12/2018

16:30-17:15         Fighting disinformation through human, crowd and artificial intelligence
Organiser: Center for Research and Technology Hellas

17:30-18:15         Learn how to select the most appropriate cloud offerings for your app!

Organiser: Tecnalia

17:30-18:15         Software Beyond Horizon 2020

Organiser: Nokia

Thursday, 06/12/2018

09:00-09:45        Tech for everyone, by everyone: citizen-centred digital innovation for good

Organiser: NESTA

10:00-10:45         Stimulating innovation over next generation 5G network infrastructures

Organiser: Eurescom

10:00-10:45         Software Engineering for Trustworthy Services and Applications

Organiser: Politecnico di Milano (DEIB)

Workprogramme 2019-2020 sessions

Thursday, 06/12/2018

10:00-10:45         ICT-13-2019        Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy

10:00-10:45         ICT-15-2019        Cloud Computing            

11:30-12:15         ICT-20-2019        5G Long Term Evolution

11:30-12:15         ICT-30-2019        An Empowering, Inclusive Next Generation Internet

15:00-15:45         ICT-24-2019        Next Generation Internet – An Open Internet Initiative

15:00-15:45         ICT-31-2019        EU-US Collaboration on NGI       


  • Stand C16            NGI
    Four H2020-funded coordination and support actions HUB4NGI, Engineroom,, NGI Move are supporting each a specific goal within the NGI initiative.
  • Stand C13            DECODE   Decentralized architectures and privacy protection trials.
  • Stand C18            IoT LARGE SCALE DEPLOYMENT
  • Stand C28            5G City
  • Stand C23,C29    5G IN ACTION
  • Stand C15            IoT SECURITY & PRIVACY
    Five projects will present a set of tools and approaches to help citizens/end users, city stakeholders, IoT developers including SMEs to ensure privacy and security in their daily interaction with IoT devices
  • Stand C24            MF2C (cloud; fog and edge computing)