The European Commission has adopted an Implementing decision on the harmonisation of the 2010-2025 MHz frequency band for portable or mobile wireless video links and cordless cameras used for programme making and special events (video PMSE).

Today's adopted Implementing Decision will support the integration of the internal market for video recording equipment and will provide support to cultural and social events recording. Cordless cameras and their links are mainly used for sport and social events which require mobility of the cameras recording the event, like cycling races and

concerts. Member States need to make available this band as early as possible, and no later than six months after the notification date of this decision.

Although this spectrum range has been available for mobile communications networks since 1999, it remained unused in practice due to someconstraining technical conditions on transmission power. The outcome of a study by the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications administrations ("CEPT") prepared at the request of the European Commission showed a more effective scenario to use this spectrum for video links and cordless cameras. The harmonisation of the 2010-2025 MHz frequency band for video PMSE will extend the currently available channels for the use of video links and cordless cameras in an efficient and convenient manner for equipment manufacturers and users.


Radio spectrum is an extremely valuable but increasingly scarce resource. Its socio-economic importance has dramatically increased as wireless services such as broadband access and the 'internet of things' become pervasive through all domains of business and society. This Implementing Decision aims at making the most efficient use of highly valuable –but actually unused- spectrum in the 2010-2025 MHz frequency band for the benefit of video PMSE. "The latest important European measure regarding spectrum was made on 2 February: the Commission proposed to coordinate the date of release of the 700 MHz band for use by mobile services (press release). Next steps regarding spectrum harmonisation are expected to be part of the overhaul of EU telecoms rules which will be presented later this year under the Digital Single Market strategy (press release).

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