Horizon 2020 – Societal challenge Health, demographic change and wellbeing - Personalising Health and Care workprogramme 2014-2015 (H2020-PHC-2014-2015) contains the following 4 topics related to active and healthy ageing with ICT:

  • PHC-19-2014: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: service robotics within assisted living environments
  • PHC-20-2014: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: ICT solutions for independent living with cognitive impairment
  • HCO-01-2014: Support for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing
  • HCO-02-2014: Joint programming: Co-ordination action for the joint programming initiative (JPI) 'more years better lives the challenges and opportunities of demographic change'

The questions received by the "Digital Social Platform" unit of DG CONNECT related to these topics have been answered in this document. It has been updated regularly when new questions were received.

The text of the calls:

 Those calls close on 15 April 2014.

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