The European Commission JRC-IPTS is conducting jointly with DG-CONNECT the MIREIA (Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Intermediary Actors) project which aims at better understanding the role of e-Inclusion intermediary actors and to create adequate instruments to facilitate the demonstration of their outcomes and their contribution to the achievement of European e-Inclusion policy goals. Within the framework of this research, Telecentre-Europe, commissioned by JRC-IPTS, is conducting an online survey that aims to provide a 'map' of eInclusion actors that operate in Europe, gathering and analysing relevant data and documentation that will enable us to illustrate the diverse typologies and role of key eInclusion intermediary organizations and the socio-economic impact of their activities at European level. This exercise and its outcomes will help the e-Inclusion sector leveraging its resources and would provide vital insights for policy makers to understand the importance of e-Inclusion organisations that are on the forefront of the digital inclusion and empowerment. In practical terms, e-Inclusion Intermediary organisations will have to answer a short online survey, open until 28th February 2013. The survey is available in 15 European languages.