Net Innovation looks into ways to accelerate new forms of Internet-based innovation throughout Europe. How can we stimulate Internet-based innovation? What are your ideas for this? What would you do if you were us?

The results of the survey

Please find below the results of the public consultation:

Please note that contributors had the option to indicate if their contributions could be published a) under their name or their organisations' name, b) anonymous, or c) not at all. The last category is not included in the zip file. Anonymous contributions can be identified by the long hexadecimal file names.

Consultation report

The report summarises the consultations for the Net Innovation Work Programme 2016-17.

Reference documents

Important information can be found in the background documents:

Net Innovation workshop report with external experts

Objective of the survey

DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) launched a public survey on Net Innovation. This survey is related to the definition of the new Work Programme 2016-2017 for Horizon 2020. To prepare the new Work Programme, the Commission updated its vision for the Net Innovation area, identifying key technological challenges and research priorities, and establishing a research and innovation agenda for the coming years. The questionnaire was aimed at gathering the opinions of all interested in Net Innovation topics that are to be covered under the 2016-2017 Work Programme.

Net Innovation supports research, innovation and policy initiatives in order to accelerate new forms of Internet-based innovation throughout Europe. This is not mainly about pure technological developments on networks, software or devices. The focus is rather on the integration and adaptation of new internet technologies and their application at large by people, businesses, and the public sector. At present, Net Innovation supports actions in the areas of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, Collective Awareness Platforms, Web Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Innovation. In future, the support to some of these areas might be stopped, and new areas may be supported.

Target group(s)

All citizens and organisations were welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions were particularly sought from innovators and entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, research institutions, business, policy makers, higher education institutions, and public authorities.

Period of consultation

From 12 August 2014 to 10 October 2014.

Questions and privacy statement

For reference, the questionnaire's questions can be found in this PDF file.

Personal data and contributions are dealt with according to the privacy statement.

Contact details

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