The Commission plans to publish in October 2008 a communication on 'telemedicine and innovative technologies for chronic disease management'. This communication will be the culmination of a process starting with the current consultation aiming at gathering expertise in all Member States.

Telemedicine appears to be a very promising tool to support the remote monitoring and management of chronically ill patients

Therefore we urgently need your expertise. We invite you to respond to our short online questionnaire with a view to the conference preparation.

Please respond by 26th October at the latest. Please note that you have 90 minutes for filling the questionnaire.

The questionnaire responses will condition the structure of the TeleHealth 2007 conference and the way in which the national problems will be taken on board. It should be clear that we will not address issues which are typically national (e.g. related to specific national legislation) and will concentrate our efforts on those that are common to several Member States or related to cross-border activities and would benefit from a European impulse.

TeleHealth 2007 conference - 11th December