The European Commission is collecting views on the Lamy Report's strategic recommendations on a long-term policy strategy for the future use of the UHF band (470-790 MHz). It wishes to take a position on how these recommendations should be followed up.

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The report by the High Level Group Chairman, Mr Pascal Lamy. discusses how the scarce spectrum resource in the UHF broadcasting band should be used in future.

In preparing to design a long-term strategy for the future use of the UHF band, the Commission will take the following into account:

  • the Lamy Report
  • input from the Radio Spectrum Policy Group
  • Commission studies
  • and the responses to this consultation.

Any changes in the way the UHF broadcasting band is used would affect the scope and quality of broadcasting and mobile services. They could imply future upgrades of equipment such as TV sets. There are specific questions about how these issues would affect citizens.

Whom is the Commission consulting?

We are seeking the views of:

  • the mobile and broadcasting (including Programme Making and Special Events -PMSE) sectors
  • academics with relevant areas of expertise
  • citizens, users of TV and/or wireless broadband services, and users' associations

We hope that citizens, consumers and their associations will give their views, as any future developments in the use of the UHF broadcasting band would affect the quantity and quality of broadcasting and mobile services and could imply future upgrades of equipment (e.g. TV sets).

The questionnaire includes a section designed specifically for citizens. The background section illustrates the issues that are relevant to citizens and consumers, and clarifies the questionnaire as a whole.

Consultation period

12 January 2015 - 12 April 2015 (closing date)

Any comments received after the closing date will not be taken into account.


Please state whether you are responding as an individual or representing the views of an organisation. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, please explain who it represents and, where applicable, how members' views have been collected.

We ask organisations to register in the Transparency Register.
Submissions from non-registered organisations will be published separately from those of registered ones.

How to respond

  • Respond online
  • Email us and attach your reply as a Word, PDF or ODF document
  • Write to:
    European Commission
    DG Communication networks, content & technology
    Unit B4, Spectrum
    Brussels 1049 - Belgium

Replies & outcome

An analysis of the results will appear on this page within 30 working days of the closing date for consultation.

Please read the Specific Privacy Statement below to see how we handle your personal data and your contribution.

Protection of personal data & privacy statement

Consultation process

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