The recently published results of the public consultation on the EU Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy carried out last year confirmed the importance of CSR for a wide range stakeholders and the key role of the Commission in this field. Improving the Social Responsibility/Corporate Responsibility processes is an “important means to promote responsible business conduct”.

Regarding the fifth action of the action plan, which is at the origin of the Principles and the Community of Practice, 71% of the respondents perceive “Improving self- and co-regulation processes” as an important means to promote responsible business conduct. Its implementation is perceived as successful by 39% of respondents, while 31% answered "they did not know”. It's a good start but there is room for improvement. This is a good opportunity to put one of the 10 Principles into practice, i.e. the one on "Iterative Improvements" that reads as follows: "Successful actions will usually aim for a prompt start, with accountability and an iterative process of learning by doing !"Join the CoP and engage with it to make it a better place. Read the full report on the outcome of the public consultation here.