The Italian branch of Alstom Transport has successfully developed a system to monitor the railway network and automatically schedule maintenance interventions. For this they received help from the Digital Innovation Hub Cineca within the EU-funded project Fortissimo.

computer image of railway track

As one of the leaders in the railway transportation sector, Alstom wanted to develop new services to offer added-value to the railway industry. 

Within the project Fortissimo, they participated in an innovation experiment where they managed to develop a diagnostic service to automatically schedule maintenance needs.

For this, they analysed the interactions between the basic components of the railway infrastructure, taking into account the load of the transit of high-speed trains and the failure scenarios of the different parts of the network. Since railway infrastructures are complex and large-sized, HPC simulations run on the cloud with the help of the Digital Innovation Hub Cineca were key to reach the needed accuracy.  


  • Replacing field measurements by this innovative diagnosis system has led to €280K savings per year and 50% less time to develop diagnosis for railway components.

To learn more about this success story, visit Fortissimo's website and check the factsheet.


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