A short (16 page) brochure on how Information and Communication Technologies can drive innovation in education and contribute to Europe's policy for a learning society. Available in English.

"We welcome this brochure as an illustration of how innovation in ICT is contributing to a European policy for a learning society" - Viviane Reding & Ján Figel’

The revitalised Lisbon strategy underlines the crucial role of education and training to Europe’s future prosperity and social cohesion.

Beyond their broad mission to serve society as a whole, education and training systems are of particular importance in helping to deliver sustainable growth and creating more and better jobs. Over recent years, Member States have made significant progress in working together under the Education and Training 2010 work programme – the education and training component of the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth – to modernise Europe’s education and training systems to meet the demands of the knowledge-based economy and society.

Information and communication technologies have the potential to significantly advance our progress towards the Lisbon objectives. New open and flexible forms of ICT-supported learning (eLearning) are increasingly being used for the re-skilling of workers, and are opening the way to new forms of education and training for the knowledge society. Consequently, ICT is a cross-cutting theme in the new Lifelong Learning programme for the period 2007-2013, which aims to promote greater mobility and stronger links among education and training institutions.

The Commission's i2010 initiative, a European Information Society for Growth and Employment, takes on board this revised policy agenda. It highlights the opportunities and challenges of eLearning, its key role in creating knowledge and new innovative learning content and services, and the role of lifelong learning together with innovation and research in the triangle of knowledge.

It also emphasises the growing need for digital literacy as an essential competence in the knowledge society and skills for the workplace.

Since their inception, EU programmes for ICT research and for ICT uptake have put emphasis on ICT for education and learning. This brochure presents the most recent innovations emerging from these programmes that are of relevance to education policy.

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