You are cordially invited to attend a workshop on the 7th March in the DG INFSO Building BU25, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, in Brussels to discuss bottom up broadband initiatives. The workshop will take place from 10:00 onwards.   A draft template for such initiatives will be presented and regions which have already or will be considering such a bottom up approach are invited to comment and participate in the workshop. The objective of the meeting will be to further develop the template, populate this with examples and support material and use this as a key tool to help accelerate local projects and initiatives. While speakers have been invited on certain aspects (e.g. experience in actual deployments, mapping, costing and design and finance), the objective is for those who have an interest in bottom up initiatives to give their views at this stage in the project so that the direction and form of the toolkit can be adjusted where appropriate. Please indicate your intention to attend by replying to and

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