Worldwide the incidence of end stage renal disease (ESRD) is rapidly increasing. However, the progressive chronic kidney disease leading to ESRD does not show symptoms until late stage of the disease. The only treatment of ESRD is renal replacement therapy (kidney transplantation or dialysis), where dialysis is one of the most cost intensive treatment options in public health care (35,000 € - 50,000 € per patient per year). In the PLACE-it project a flexible fluorescence measurement device for the assessment of the elimination kinetics (and therewith renal function) of the renal marker FITC-Sinistrin (water-soluble fructan linked to fluorescein-isothiocyanate), which is exclusively excreted by the kidneys is being developed. The project develops a platform for conformable optical systems, based on light-emitting foils such as OLEDs, stretchable materials and/or fabrics. With this integration platform, the building blocks can be combined to form conformable opto-electronic systems such as smart bandages or (automotive) interior lighting applications.