The European Commission is launching a call for proposals for a pilot project in the field of digital enablers in SMEs with the aim of supporting their digitisation and enhancing their capacity to go international and innovate. The pilot project will be for a maximum amount of €994.000.

The aim of the pilot project is to match growth-oriented small- and medium-sized companies and mid-caps on one side with highly-skilled digital experts (digital enablers) on the other side, in order to fill the lack of adequate technological competences and equip the companies concerned with the appropriate knowledge to start their digital transformation.

The pilot project will provide support and funding for digital enablers to work for one month in growth-oriented SMEs or mid-caps established in another Member State to tackle their digitisation needs. Through this cross border exchange companies will be able to get access to expertise and knowledge not available in their region, which will help them to internationalise. The digital enabler will get experience to work in another country, and to extend his/her network and knowledge of different cultures. It can be viewed as an Erasmus period for digital enablers.

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Any questions about this call should be sent to the contact points referred to in the "Call for proposals" document. These questions will be published anonymously on this page.

Background information: Communication on Digitising European Industry - Reaping the full benefits of a Digital Single Market