On 20th June 2016, the Photonics PPP (i.e. the European Commission and Photonics21) organized in Brussels an expert workshop on “Innovation hubs” that include Photonics competencies.

As pointed out by a recent communication of Commissioner Oettinger, regional innovation hubs can provide easy access for SMEs to latest design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities and can help facilitating access to finance. The Photonics PPP has established a dedicated Task Force consisting of Photonics21 Board members and European Commission representatives to effectively implement the concept of digital innovation hubs. The workshop was conceived as a starting point to reach a common understanding what the respective roles of the European and regional/national level could be in the course of the implementation.

About 40 experts involved in existing initiatives at regional, national or EU level presented examples of successful competence centers and innovation hubs. A World Café session actively included the experts in defining the future role and needs for Innovation Hubs in the Photonics area and was targeting to define actions for the next steps.

Description and agenda


Innovation hubs with photonics competencies – examples:

Examples of coordination strategies between hubs/competence centres:

The point of view from the SME: Holoxica