pHealth 2016 is an interdisciplinary event that covers technological and biomedical facilities, legal, ethical, social, and organizational requirements and impacts, as well as necessary basic research for enabling the future proof care paradigms.

pHealth increasingly combines medical devices and eHealth based services with public health, prevention, social and elderly care, wellness and personal fitness to establish participatory, predictive, personalized, preventive, and effective care settings.

Smart mobile systems, eHealth and telemedicine have become important enablers for ubiquitous pervasive health as the next generation health services. Social media and gamification has added even further knowledge to pHealth both as a business domain and as a community safety-net.

pHealth 2016 conference aims to further emphasize on the integration of biology and medical data, systems and information using mobile technologies through the development of micro-nano-bio smart systems for personalized health, virtual care, precision medicine, big bio-data management and analytics as well as security, privacy and safety issues.

For more information, paper submission and registration, please visit the website of the conference.