After a lot of effort in the lab, the worst nightmare is that the medical device you developed will fail in clinical trials on human beings. To avoid that, the potential new device is tested on simulated tissues and organs. However, standard and certified phantoms do not exist in most cases and especially for new techniques. This workshop intends to start a discussion within the Biophotonics community to share experiences and possibly agree on a way forward.

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The adoption of shared procedures for performance assessment of Biophotonics devices, and international consensus standards, can help the deployment of new techniques to clinical use by increasing their reliability and the reproducibility of results.

To this aim, the workshop will bring together different actors (researchers, clinicians/end users, companies, associations, standardization bodies and EU Commission) to discuss the experiences gained and methodologies pursued in the recent years in the framework of different EU projects, and other endeavours, as well as current actions and future strategies in this field.

Well renowned speakers, coming from all over the world, will present their view in their specific field.

The participants will then gather in smaller groups to discuss specific subjects in more detail and present their ideas on ways forward.

Ideas will be shared and recorded, and will remain available to the community for follow up actions.

The workshop will thus target the development of a common strategy and a shared vision to improve the quality and effectiveness of Biophotonics devices and EU competitiveness.


If you cannot come to Bruxelles, here is the link to the webstreaming!


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