PatientVille is a joint exhibition resulting of a public-private partnership between Danish Regions/RSI, MedCom, NSI,, KL (Local Government Denmark), Falck, DI ITEK, IT-Branchen, and Medicoindustrien. The goal of PatientVille is to demonstrate Danish eHealth, to point out future growth opportunities, to demonstrate the Danish medico-, service, and health-IT industry, and to inspire European partners. PatientVille will demonstrate how eHealth supports coherence in a Danish patient’s course of treatment. An area of 108m2 will be the playground for a journey that includes a visit to the citizens’ home, to the pre-hospital sector (ambulance), the acute care department (hospital), the general practitioner, the municipality (home nurse), and to the pharmacy. The journey also includes a demonstration of the epSOS cross-border e-prescription service at a Danish pharmacy. The different actors that are involved in the patients’ health care journey will show, how data relevant to the treatment of the patient are exchanged and shared in Denmark. Want a tour of PatientVille? Just show up at booth no. 1049. Guided tours are planned to take place Tuesday, May 8th from 14.30 to 15.00 and on Wednesday, May 9th from 12.30 to 13.00.

PatientVille - eHealth Week 2012

PatientVille partnership
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