Surfing the web as well as virtual communication and training methods are becoming more and more a daily experience in Europe’s school. A European Commission survey out on 29 September shows that most European schools now have the high-speed "broadband" internet connections they need to access speedily high-quality content. However, there are still important variations from one Member State to another.

"Europe is starting to reap the benefits of broadband at schools, where the foundations are laid for a knowledge-based society," said Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding. “I congratulate those EU countries which, on the basis of an efficient implementation of EU rules, have promoted competition in broadband services and infrastructures and thereby are now also generating encouraging results for their education systems. Broadband internet access can become one of the most efficient drivers for both economic and social competitiveness”.

Benchmarking Access and Use of ICT in European Schools 2006 :

Final report and 27 country briefs

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