Interested in the future of healthcare for chronic disease patients? Stay tuned and save the date.

According to the PAL project experts, in the year 2025, innovative healthcare related educational systems will support patients with chronic conditions (like diabetes) in:

  • Reducing future risks
  • Increasing autonomy to manage the disease
  • Facilitating control by caregivers

At the PAL 4 Future Health event, the project experts will present the outputs of a 4-years EU research project that enabled them to develop a Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle (PAL). The system assists children with Type 1 Diabetes aged 7-14, health professionals and parents to advance the self-management of the disease.

Experts from different sectors, like pharma, robotics, ICT, pediatrics and policy makers will discuss in a round table about education through gamification, social robots, mobile health apps, care customization and children monitoring themselves.

Children and families who have tested the system and participated in the research activities will describe their experiences and explain how PAL was able to change their lives.

Date: 06/02/2019, 13:30 - 19:00

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EU-funded PAL project

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