PHENOMEN is an ambitious project that could serve as a future scalable platform for hybrid information processing with phonons.


Most information is currently transported by electrical charge (electrons) and by light (photons). Phonons are the quanta of lattice vibrations with frequencies covering a wide range up to tens of THz and provide coupling to the surrounding environment. In PHENOMEN the core of the research will be focused on phonon-based signal processing to enable on-chip synchronisation and transfer information carried between optical channels by phonons.

PHENOMEN is an ambitious project that could serve as a future scalable platform for, e.g., hybrid information processing with phonons. To achieve it, PHENOMEN proposes to build the first practical optically-driven phonon sources and detectors including the engineering of phonon lasers to deliver coherent phonons to the rest of the chip pumped by a continuous wave optical source.

While the research is at an early stage the results are already coming – the consortium recently published a novel approach to security in communications "Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in an optomechanical beam”. These results are very encouraging, since they were obtained using a low-cost technology with the potential for mass-production. At the same time, this technology is very likely to be competitive in terms of power efficiency, information-transfer speed, versatility and security.

The research is being carried out within FET Open and it brings together interdisciplinary scientific and technology oriented partners in an early-stage research towards the development of a radically new technology.  For more information on the project's consortium, objectives and achievements, please check PHENOMEN website.

All-Phononic circuits Enabled by Opto-mechanics
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