The opening of the Exhibition started with the robot walking around and introducing itself in a smart way, showing its capability to communicate with people and introduce this important event.

a picture of the opening of the exhibition

After the humanoid showed his capabilities, the Minister of transports and communications of Lithuania - Rimantas Sinkevicius delivered a speech. His speech focused on presenting the objectives of the ICT2013 event. It involved key points why it is interesting and how people can benefit from attending a high-level event at European level. Mr. Rimantas Sinkevicius stressed  that the ICT 2013 conference will play  a catalyst role for the ICT enhancement and awareness  both at  national and European  level. He mentioned that organizing this meeting between people, who are interested in contributing to European economy, would help them to come up with innovative ideas and to create relative solutions that could be implemented in the future. He highlighted how sharing opinions and communicating between people lead to successful work and surprising discovery. This exhibition part of the ICT2013 is interestingand useful for those who are willing to learn innovative and state of the art  information technologies, advanced research and cutting edge solutions. ICT brings together   students, organizations, entrepreneurs, decision makers, European leaders across Europe t in order to share information, exchange ideas and best practices.
Having  Minister Sinkevicius finished his  introductory  speech; Lithuanian ballet dancer performed an outstanding dance accompanied by a piano and strings. The music was so calm and relaxing that the NAO robot fell asleep. European Commission director-general Robert Madelin then had to wake NAO by tapping him on the shoulder.
Apparently, robot NAO can perform no worse than a ballet dancer. Straight from the sleep-mode it got up and showed the audience some modern dance moves. The audience gave a round of applause for NAO’s outstanding coordination and maneuverability.
The big moment followed after the robot NAO’s performance – the call sign of the exhibition. Both Rimantas Sinkevicius and Robert Madelin congratulated everyone attending the ICT2013 and officially opened the exhibition by cutting a blue ribbon.

A modern electric strings quartet played some wonderful music to close the opening and lead everyone to the stands.