OpenAIRE engages all stakeholders for an effective Open Science implementation. It fosters open science dialogue for policies and their implementation in Europe and beyond. Visit OpenAIRE at ICT 2018 in Vienna at Exhibition booth EC6.

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What do you expect to achieve in this project?

OpenAIRE, funded by the EU since 2008, has led the shift to open scholarship in Europe and helped an alignment with the rest of the world. An e-Infrastructure with a true EU footprint and a pillar of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), OpenAIRE promotes open scholarship across scientific disciplines and thematic domains, cross-border in Europe and beyond. It does so by operating a dual infrastructure: a social pan-European network of 34 experts (National Open Access Desks-NOADs) embedded in the national settings who align, support and train in Open Science matters, and a technical branch which continuously develops services that promote opening up, sharing and reusing research outcomes.  

How will European citizens benefit from this project, both from the technology developments it accomplishes as well as the scientific breakthroughs it may achieve?

 OpenAIRE democratises the research life cycle, by assisting the transition of how research is performed and knowledge is shared. We provide a unique set of services enabling open and transparent science across Europe that guarantee research outputs, such as publications, data, software and other products that are easily accessible, linked and re-usable. This is essential in higher education and research, and more generally for sustained progress in society, as it allows citizens to easily access and participate in research activities.

Is EU funding important for the European research? How has it contributed to your projects/careers/success?

Yes, EU funding is very important for European research. Throughout the years, OpenAIRE has benefited substantially from EU funding; the latter has enabled OpenAIRE to develop and maintain its infrastructure, services and network of NOADs throughout Europe, thus facilitating the understanding, access and participation in Open Science for European researchers, content providers, funders, research communities, innovators and citizen scientists.

What are you going to exhibit at ICT2018? What should visitors expect to see/experience upon visiting your booth?

The booth will be the focal point to discuss services related to sharing and opening science at global and European level and to understand how to benefit from them. It will offer the opportunity to engage with the OpenAIRE team and learn more about our services and activities in Open Science. In this context, we will present our citizen science activities jointly organised with Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) and seek to actively engage our visitors in OpenAIRE’s Open Innovation challenges. Finally, in cooperation with the EOSC-hub, RDA and FREYA projects, we will invite our visitors to indicate their Open Science challenges in an interactive way!

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