OpenAIRE stands for Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe, and its mission is to gather the metadata of research output (publications and associated research) funded by the European Commission.

The OpenAIRE portal now includes over 11.5 million open access documents from over 600 data providers. Over 60 new data providers (repositories and journal aggregators) joined this year and over 50 revalidated.

An overview of these new data providers is available in the slideshare here.

OpenAIRE collects:

  • All global open access research outputs;
  • Relation to funding information if available, supporting FP7 open access pilot, Horizon2020 open access mandate and helping to measure research impact;
  • Non-open access material if related to European Commission funding information, or related to another OpenAIRE affiliated funder;
  • Metadata of research datasets from funded research projects or linked with publications in the OpenAIRE information space.

OpenAIRE Guidelines provide recommendations to repository and other scientific information data managers about encoding of bibliographic metadata.

If your open access repository or open access journal is not a part of OpenAIRE infrastructure yet, it's time to join!


Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe
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