The Commission intends to step up its efforts to promote data exchange by setting up a Support Centre for data sharing funded under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Work Programme 2018. This will complement the existing Core Service Platform of the "Public Open Data" digital service infrastructure, currently embodied in the European Data Portal.

The objective of the Support Centre for data sharing is to facilitate data transactions and data analytics by collecting, developing and disseminating, through a dedicated website, tools and technical expertise and by providing practical support. It shall address situations in which public sector data or data held by private companies are made available to other organisations (public sector bodies or private companies) for use and re-use , whether in exchange for payment (or other reward) or not ("data-sharing").

The Support Centre will focus on the ways and means by which data is exchanged and provide support to make the exchanges easier. It will also provide public authorities with the most recent information on data sharing, so they can determine the right level of support or intervention in the data economy.

The total price quoted cannot exceed EUR 1 500 000,00 (one million five hundred thousand).

The time limit to send your tender is 7 September 2018 at 16.00 CET. For additional information and relevant documentation please have a look at the call for tenders' details on TED eTendering.

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