This call for proposals for a study on the impacts of an extension of the scope of the Geo-blocking regulation comes as part of the Commission's commitment to review the current regulation. The call aims to contribute to the Commission's assessment as to whether the scope of the "Geo-blocking" regulation needs to be extended.

In February 2018, The so-called "Geo-blocking Regulation" (EU 2018/302) was adopted, addressing unjustified geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence or place of establishment within the internal market.

The Geo-blocking Regulation aims to provide for more opportunities to consumers and businesses within the EU's internal market. In particular, it addresses the problem of (potential) customers not being able to buy goods and services from traders located in a different Member State for reasons related to their nationality, place of residence or place of establishment, hence discriminating against them when they try to access the best offers, prices or sales conditions compared to nationals or residents of the traders' Member State.

In substance, the Geo-blocking Regulation bans the blocking of access to websites and the re-routing without the customer’s prior consent. This increases price transparency by allowing customers to access different national websites. The Regulation also defines specific situations when there can be no justified reason for geo-blocking or other forms of discrimination based on nationality, residence or establishment. In these situations, customers from another Member State have the same access to goods and services as local customers. These situations are the sale of products without delivery, the sale of electronically supplied services, and the sale of services provided in a specific physical location.

In its Article 9, the Regulation provides for the following review clause:

(…)  By 23 March 2020 and every five years thereafter, the Commission shall report on the evaluation of this Regulation to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee. In doing so, the Commission shall take into account the overall impact of the Regulation on the internal market and cross-border e-commerce, including, in particular, the potential additional administrative and financial burden for traders stemming from the existence of different applicable regulatory consumer contract law regimes. That report shall, where necessary, be accompanied by a proposal for an amendment of this Regulation, in light of legal, technical and economic developments. (…)

On the basis of this review clause and the ensuing obligation on the Commission to undertake an assessment, the current call for proposals seeks a study aiming to contribute to the Commission's assessment as to whether the scope of the Geo-blocking Regulation needs to be extended.

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