More than 600 members are currently taking part in the online discussion platform which Neelie Kroes launched on 19 April in preparation for the Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels, 21-22 June) and the forthcoming review of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The members making the most interesting contributions in each group will be invited to attend the Assembly. Highlights include, a discussion group on Ecommerce, featuring a discussion on mobile payments, addressing opportunities of Near-Field Communication and the issue of choice and competition between incumbents and new payment players. The trustmark debate explores ways to encourage citizens to buy from smaller websites or ways for providers to flag certain benefits (e.g. extended return or guarantee periods, delivery and payment options); it also addresses the issue of a stakeholders' platform on trustmarks. The VAT debate addresses the challenges of applying tax at the provider's location versus doing it at the consumer's location. If you are interested in these or other issues discussed in the platform, join and contribute to the debate.