There is only one week left for the next meeting of the Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels, 21-22 June) and more than 1000 members keep discussing on the online discussion platform which Neelie Kroes launched on 19 April in preparation both for the aforementioned meeting as well as the review of the Digital Agenda for Europe later in the year. The 40 members making the most interesting contributions have been invited to the Assembly in Brussels. Amongst others, there is an active online discussion group of High Speed Connections, featuring a lively debate on how next generation broadband could contribute to create jobs also in rural areas. In the Security group a survey is ongoing for identifying the most appropriate incentives to ICT security investment. A recent discussion on Social Media, analyses the way the European Parliament has attracted thousands of followers and fans on most popular networks. The group on Data hosts many lively discussions from the reuse of “Open Apps” to the importance of sensor data. If you are interested in these or other issues discussed in the platform, join and contribute to the debate!