The validation of learning gained through work and life experiences has been a cornerstone of EU lifelong learning policy since 1995. Common European principles and guidelines have been established and support for projects given from EU programmes. Increasing numbers of Member States are introducing validation into their legal and institutional frameworks but across the EU as a whole much more needs to be done to make validation a practical every day reality for all interested citizens. The Commission considers it is very timely to address these issues now as a series of EU initiatives covering qualification and credit systems in general, vocational and higher education and training have been introduced which support a learning outcomes approach. In particular the ongoing development of national frameworks provide the scope to develop an integrated approach to the promotion and validation of non-formal and informal learning. The purpose of this consultation is to collect views on whether further action is needed to make the learning acquired through work and life experience visible and give it value and, if so, what type of action is required and which policy priorities should be focused on to ensure future measures are well-targeted, relevant and respond to real needs on the ground.