OpenLivingLab Days was the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community combing 4 days networking, sharing, learning and exploitation of theory, methods and tools.

Montreal prides itself as a city of knowledge, and by hosting OpenLivingLab Days 2016 the city demonstrated its collective ability to mobilize citizens for advancement of issues that are shaping citizens futures. The event focused on the citizens driven innovation and developing the innovation system that empowers everyone to innovate.
The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) was represented during the plenary closing session on the 26th of August by the OISPG member Dr. Gohar Sargsyan, who is a Partner and the ICT innovation lead/EU at CGI Group Inc.
Chaired by Tuija Hirvikoski, Director of Laurea UAS and President of ENoLL, the closing sessions started with the inspirational talk by the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation, deputy for Laval-des-Rapides,  Quebec, Canada, Saul Polo. The speech stressed the Quebec government’s commitment on the citizens participation/collaboration innovation and co-creation and he also raised issues that the government faces on the realisation of innovation, which is commercialization. Followed to Mr. Polo, European Commission’s DG CONNECT’s OISPG group’s perspective was presented by  Gohar Sargsyan, brining concrete examples of successful OI2 innovation ecosystem with the role of Living Labs, commercial companies, governments and academia followed by three-step recipe for success: “Think big, start small: but start, accelerate fast ”.  
The session attracted more than 100 experts and received high interest for future collaboration.