A Living Lab is a research and open innovation environment in real-life settings in which user-driven innovation is the cocreation process for new services, products and societal infrastructures. Living Labs encompass societal and technological dimensions simultaneously in a business-citizensgovernment- academia partnership.

As of 20 November 2006, a “First Wave” of nineteen Living Labs across Europe joined forces as a network, to develop and offer a gradually growing set of networked Living Lab services. As of 17 October 2007, a “Second Wave” of thirty-two additional Living Labs joined the network, growing ENoLL to a network of fifty-one Living Labs.

Finally, as of 25 November 2008, the “Third Wave” brought to the consolidation of the network by means of sixty-eight additional network EU members: ENoLL is now based on a total of 129 Living Labs (including also 10 affiliated Living Labs from non European Countries).

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