The Innovation Radar Prize aims to identify and promote European innovators that have high potential to impact our lives. Many of them work in health and care.

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Nominees are grouped into five categories:

  1. Tech for Society – recognising technologies impacting society and citizens;
  2. Excellent Science - cutting-edge science underpinning tomorrow's technological advances;
  3. Industrial & Enabling Tech - the next generation of tech and components supporting industry;
  4. Best Young SME -  recognising dynamic young SMEs (established in 2013 or later) who are developing great innovations with EU-funding;
  5. Best early stage innovation - recognising innovations showing promise at early stages of EU-funded projects.

The public vote (which closed on 12 November mid day) will decide on 4 innovators from each of the 5 categories. The 20 finalists will get to pitch their plans taking their innovation to market to a jury of experts at the ICT 2018 event in Vienna on 5 December 2018.

These are the health and care innovators originating from EU-funded projects:

Innovative health data management solutions that operate at the interface of healthcare, wellbeing and research being GDPR compliant by design, to deal with organisational challenges related to the secondary use of data.

Cloud solution that enables care organisations to use cloud technology and experience benefits of scalability and software resource sharing without violating regulations regarding clinical data.

An innovative ICT platform to support Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and integrated care.

aLiFE: an intervention programme to improve strength, balance and physical activity. 

A wearable assistive system allowing visually impaired people to perceive the environment and move independently via sounds, in indoor and outdoor areas. 

Innovative devices to help stroke survivors during their rehabilitation: an interactive balance mat, an activity game app and feedback lights. The balance mat can be used at home and shows weight distribution and center of gravity, but also allows the user to play interactive music or games. The game app encourages and tracks walking. The mat and the app connect to feedback lights, which allows users to follow their progress.

Self-management platform (web and mobile app) for chronic diseases: A novel mHealth self-management system to increase therapy efficacy and adherence treatment for patients with asthma disease. Using advanced technology, the system focuses on monitoring, device guidance and training, helping patients to stay stable, healthy and giving appropriate feedback.

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