The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aims to shape the development of the internet of tomorrow into an internet of humans that responds to people’s fundamental needs, including trust, security and inclusion, and reflects the values and the norms that we all enjoy in Europe.

Innovators and researchers are the movers and animators of the NGI, but their inspirations would never become a reality without much-needed support. That is why the NGI comprises an ambitious research and innovation programme with an investment of more than €250m from the Commission between 2018 and 2020. It funds innovative research projects that make it possible to imagine and develop a new internet that is safer, more open, more respectful of people and more useful to all citizens.

At the Next Generation Internet – technology deep dive workshop, developers funded under NGI initiative will present projects and technologies that were developed under the first year of the program.

In this workshop Olivier Bringer (Head of Unit – Next Generation Internet, European Commission, DG CNECT) will present the initiative and its mission to re-imagine and re-engineer the internet. His presentation will also cover current and future funding opportunities.

Aleksandar Jevremovic and Nuno Garcia will present the CASPER project. The main goal of CASPER is to identify and apply potentials of using artificial intelligence to protect young people on the internet. Different types of content are analysed, including text, images, video and audio, as well as the different types of online threats. The resulting system is meant to be modular, extensible, multi-platform, cloud-enabled, and compatible with already existing solutions. A special challenge is to support the collaborative use of results while preserving privacy. 

Dominik Beron will present CONTEXT, a project in the field of decentralised, self-sovereign identity, focussing on a decentralised messaging solution. This is aligned with the NGI vision of creating a human-centric internet by transferring the way in which people interact online, giving them control over their data and digital identities. CONTEXT is a prototype, a novel type of messaging application that is decentralised on all architectural layers and can utilise “self-sovereign” identity (i.e. an open, universal and distributed identity infrastructure).

Daniel Kastl will present the CONSENTO project. This project enables its users to better protect their digital private data with human-centric technology. It allows using a distributed network to securely back up confidential data and control access without the fear of losing one’s passwords. Using shared keys with people (and services), you trust access can be granted or revoked at any time. CONSENTO is a free and open tool for every citizen to maintain independent control over their confidential data.

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