Applause for NewCompliance, a Dutch startup that developed its Operating Room (OR) Cockpit solution for hospitals during the EU funded THALEA pre-commercial procurement in 2015-2016. Since then, more than 35 hospitals in Europe and the US have bought the solution. NewCompliance also attracted $3 million of Venture Capital investment this summer and is extending its distribution channels and partnerships with large vendors.

Logo of NewCompliance

Intensive Care Units (ICU) strive every day to improve care for patients in life-threatening condition. Between the start of 2015 and October 2016, five hospitals in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Finland carried out THALEA Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to develop a highly interoperable telemedicine platform. The aim was to challenge the industry to develop the best cockpit control center for tele-detection and tele-care of ICU-patients at increased risk. At the end of the procurement phase, the newly developed pre-series systems were installed in the hospitals.

“I couldn’t believe how good the innovative telemedicine solutions are that were developed in our THALEA pre-commercial procurement, until I saw it with my own eyes. Last week, the system predicted the risk that a sepsis infection would occur in the intensive care unit in our hospital, Four hours later, this situation really happened and thanks to the telemedicine solutions, we were able to save lives.

The novel algorithms and improved risk-detection of the new telemedicine solutions result in earlier diagnosis and improve efficiency in the Intensive Care Unit significantly, enabling a reduction in sepsis mortality by 25% and a reduction in the length of hospital stay of patients by 20%-50%.”

Robert Deisz, Head Doctor, Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Aachen (lead procurer THALEA PCP)

NewCompliance’s OR Cockpit solution successfully passed all the THALEA development and testing phases. All the critical OR parameters are displayed in a handy way on multiple visual dashboards. In 2016, NewCompliance started integrating its OR cockpit solutions with hospital IT systems of other big hospital vendors: Philips, GE Healthcare, SAP, Johnsons Controls, Epic, Cerner, Chipsoft and MediaVisionSuite. In 2017, the company expanded its business to the US where it set up a branch and made a distribution agreement with Skytron. Features were added to link the OR Cockpit to other IT systems in the hospitals, such as surgery imaging systems. Additional large scale tests were also done to demonstrate that the product is safe and effective for smarter patient safety checks. This lead to obtaining ISO and NEN security certifications. The company just collected $3 million in venture capital investment for further international expansion. NewCompliance recently attended  Slush 2019 to prepare for its next, and even larger investment round. Marketing is now at full speed ahead to scale up the business.

Through THALEA, cooperation with multiple European hospitals and industry partners like Philips has been facilitated. The combination of international collaboration and the necessary funding has really accelerated innovation and know-how within NewCompliance. Hence, the significant steps we are taking now in both the EU and the US are a direct result of THALEA.

Bo Wiesman, CEO NewCompliance

More information can be found on the NewCompliance website