This week the EURL-FCM has launched a completely new web site which is integrated into the web site of the JRC, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP).

The new site includes an updated description of EURL-FCM activities and laboratories; dedicated news, also available as RSS feed; info on the European Network of National Reference Laboratories (NRLs); a 'resource centre' concerning migration methods & interlaboratory comparisons; a reference substances database (including more than 500 entries) accessible via a user-friendly interface, allowing to search substance name, alternative name, URN, CAS or PM number, migration method and analytical technique. The activities on food contact materials at the JRC, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection were created in 1995 to provide scientific support to EU policies on food safety. Under the Regulation EC/882/2004 on Feed and Food Controls, they have become the European Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials (EURL-FCM). The EU legislation regulating substances used in the manufacture of food contact materials is based on a reliable and harmonised analytical control system in the EU Member States. Advanced analytical techniques are required to control the transfer of substances from packaging into food. The EURL-FCM plays a key role in facilitating this work by providing harmonised analytical methods, reference data and a platform for discussion amongst all stakeholders. Supported by a Network of National Reference Laboratories, it also provides interlaboratory comparisons and training courses for the benefit of these laboratories and of experts from developing countries.