European Commission's DG CONNECT together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) launched a study with the purpose to gain further understanding of the current use of APIs in digital government and their added value for public services.

This study reflects the European Commission interest to look carefully at innovative ways to improve interconnectivity of public services and reusability of public sector data, including dynamic data in real-time, safeguarding the data protection and privacy legislation in place. In particular the study will:

  • assess digital government APIs landscape and opportunities to support the digital transformation of public sector;
  • identify the added value for society and public administrations of digital government APIs (key enablers, drivers, barriers, potential risks and mitigates),
  • define a basic Digital Government API EU framework and the next steps.

Moreover, it will contribute to the implementation of the:

In addition, it will complement the studies on: "Collaborative production in eGovernment ", "Towards faster implementation and uptake of open government"; "Analysis of the value of new generation of eGovernment services".

The study  aims to be participatory and benefit from work performed in European public administrations at all levels. Therefore Public Administrations in the EU are encouraged to participating sharing best practices and take part in the different activities of the study.

If you work for a public administration and your work is related to APIs, we will appreciate to get in contact with you and hear your API case examples in any relevant policy domain (e.g. health, transport, cybersecurity, IOT, etc). Furthermore your public administration may be interested in running a small pilot and/or invite the project team to an event.