With a budget of nearly € 2 million, the new Horizon 2020 RELIEF project will use pre-commercial procurement to help improve chronic pain relief through innovative ICT self-management solutions.


In its first phase, the RELIEF experts will conduct a pre-study or 'solution exploration' where several different solutions are explored.

A second phase will include prototype development of the solutions that are judged most promising. This will be followed by the development of a small test-batch of some of the remaining solutions. Eventually one or few of the remaining solutions will be selected for commercial roll-out.

More wellbeing and empowerment

As a result, the RELIEF project will both foster the market uptake of these innovative solutions, and improve the wellbeing and empowerment of chronic pain patients. Moreover, RELIEF will contribute to making healthcare systems more efficient.

RELIEF will receive a funding of almost € 2 million throughout three years.

The project started in February 2016 and it involves six partners from three European countries: Spain, France and Sweden. BravoSolution (Spain) is the coordinator, giving its expertise in strategic procurement management.

Public health procurers are also well represented by SAS (Spain), RESAH IDF (France) and Uppsala County Council (Sweden). The Federation of Hospitals in France and the Research Group PSINET from the Open University of Catalonia (Spain) complete the consortium.

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