Don't miss the official presentation of the new H2020 Robotics projects at the European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh and their contribution to the SPARC strategy. SPARC is the public-private partnership for robotics in Europe.

In 90 minutes you will have the full overview of the newly selected 17 projects during the workshop "The new H2020 robotics projects in the SPARC strategy". The workshop takes place at 14:00 on the 22nd of March 2017 during the European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh. In the accompanying poster session you will have the opportunity to meet with the project representatives for more in-depth information and developing networks and synergies among projects and with the community as a whole. After getting the overview of all the projects, the participants are strongly encouraged to discuss with the projects representatives at the poster session to learn more about their projects and experience as participants in H2020 projects.

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