The Commission unveiled on 9 March a consolidated text of the modernised "Television without Frontiers" Directive. After a first reading in the European Parliament and the Council, there is now broad agreement with the Commission about the future legal framework for Europe's audiovisual sector. The new rules, which have been called for especially by the European Parliament, are a response to technological developments and create a new level-playing field in Europe for emerging audiovisual media services (video on demand, mobile TV, audiovisual services on digital TV). European TV- and filmmakers will be given more flexibility to produce digital content which they can then make freely available to consumers thanks to advertising. The new Directive reaffirms the pillars of Europe's audiovisual model, which are cultural diversity, protection of minors, consumer protection, media pluralism, and the fight against racial and religious hatred,. The Commission also proposes to ensure the independence of national media regulators. The consolidated text of the new Directive will now go into a second reading by the European Parliament and Council.

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-Consolidated text for "Audiovisual without Frontiers" Directive

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    Why Europe needs to modernise its TV without Frontiers Directive
    Modern rules for TV and TV-like services
    Modern advertising rules
    Promoting cultural diversity in audiovisual media
    Why and how Europe seeks pluralism in audiovisual media

Further information :

-The Audiovisual Policy website has a consolidated version of the TVwF directive (1989 directive as amended by the 1997 directive) and a brief description of the main provisions introduced by the new directive amending the "Television Without Frontiers" directive.

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