The mission of the NIS Platform is to identify good cybersecurity practices across the value chain and create the favourable market conditions for the development and adoption of secure ICT solutions.

On 24-25 November 2014 the members of the public-private network and information security NIS Platform will gather in Brussels to discuss good practices to tackle cybersecurity risks. This is an effort that started in 2013 and will continue into 2015. The 4th Plenary of the NIS Platform, on 25.11, will identify approaches that have proven to work well when organisations tackle cybersecurity risks and will in particular focus on the challenges faced by SMEs. Once finalised the guidance will be published on the NIS Platform website.

The day before, on 24.11, the NIS Platform members have been invited to a workshop comparing EU NIS Platform and US Cybersecurity Framework approaches developed by NIST.