This is a networking event where policy makers and technologists will meet to have deep dive conversations and learn about each other's wishes and needs for tomorrow's internet, the economy and society.

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This year, the theme of Net Futures 2017 will be "Internet, the economy and society in 2027". It will have a focus on future policies that may be needed so that emerging issues can be addressed according to citizen's needs and wishes.

The mid-term review of the Digital Single Market policy priority is an ideal moment to reflect and reformulate the goals Europe should address in entering a period where everything will be connected and every part of society and economy 'internetised'.

The conference sessions will launch debates and reflect about

  • the industrial internet
  •  the need of a free flow of data within Europe
  • about legal ethical and social issues that emerge within a software-defined world
  • the requirements of a Next Generation Internet
  • data protection issues in a world with huge amounts of data
  • mobile connectivity

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