The study provides data on 2017 retail prices of mobile broadband offers for consumers in the EU28, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and the USA (study reference: SMART 2016/0045).

Cover of the study, mentioning it's name:

The European Commission publishes a study which provides comprehensive data on 2017 retail prices of mobile broadband offers for consumers in the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, and the USA. Research is based on offers' handset-based baskets and data-only baskets (laptops and tablets).  Data was collected from mobile operators' websites (two or three largest in each country) in February 2017 for offers including telephony (handset) and in July 2017 for data-only offers (laptop or tablet).

Key findings

  • Mobile broadband was significantly cheaper in 2017 than in 2016 in all but the smallest OECD usage basket.
  • The least expensive countries for mobile broadband in the EU in 2017 (similarly to 2016) were Poland, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, and Latvia. The most expensive countries are Greece, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Hungary.

Comparison of EU28 prices with prices in selected non-European countries in 2017 shows that on average, mobile broadband in the EU is about as or more expensive than in the non-EU countries for most of the OECD usage baskets covered by this study.


The offers were analysed to determine the least expensive offer per both country and OECD usage basket.  It follows the 2012 OECD methodology for mobile broadband which aims at calculating the total price (including the monthly fee, non-recurring charges and usage charges) of a set of offers in order to identify the least expensive offers for different types of mobile devices (i.e. laptop, tablet /handset) and five different levels of usage (i.e. monthly volume consumed).

The report presents mobile broadband prices in 2017 in:

  1. Overall horizontal analysis of trends on the mobile broadband market;
  2. Country fiches presenting an analysis per Member State.

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