The event was organised to support the Micro-Nano-Bio Systems cluster of EU funded activities, acting as a vehicle for gathering information and consolidating ideas.

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Workshop Summary

Resulting from the convergence of: information & communication technologies, micro-nano electronics, photonics, nano and bio-technologies; Micro-Nano-Bio Systems (MNBS) are interdisciplinary, miniaturised, smart, communicating and integrated systems providing innovative solutions in a wide variety of applications, such as point of care and personalized medicine, wellbeing, food quality and safety, security and environmental applications.

The objective of the 12th annual MNBS Workshop, including, bioelectronics and smart wearables, was to encourage diffusion and exchange of information about science and technology amongst participants from different projects and stakeholders, to identify synergies and possible collaborations. Furthermore, future challenges and topics for research and innovation were identified and discussed.

A significant progress of technology building blocks and system integration, resulting in diverse prototype systems and solutions in application sectors e.g. agri-food, health and environment, has been demonstrated during the event. The degree of sophistication of the developed technologies is very high, with a corresponding elevated number of scientific publications and Intelectual Propoerty. Nevertheless, a number of projects still struggle to deliver validated prototypes due to technical challenges, including integration and the introduction of the biological dimension. Furthermore, cost, performance and industrialization has often showed to be a significant challenge.

Several questions have been raised on how to accelerate the impact of public funding to mature prototypes to reach marketable products (cost/benefit) and build the value chains to fulfil market needs. The importance of regulation in driving developments has also been posed.

Stakeholders’ ideas for future EC support to accelerate technology transfer and impact the market and end-users include:

  • New models with open technology platforms for collaborations of different areas.
  • The importance of interconnected devices, better biomarkers and systems for personalized medicine.
  • Combination of medical knowledge with data driven approaches.
  • Go higher on TRLs and consider funding to take projects from already existing prototypes to validate/develop further closer to market.
  • Transfer technology from projects to market and from academia to Industry (e.g. through patent license for free to SMEs); Design loops needed to approach investors.
  • Fight against fragmentation of the market and of regulations (also for patent processes) in Europe; Reflect of how to integrate (too many) existing clusters.

There are clear opportunities for exploiting synergies and for fostering collaboration with the aim of increasing the economic impact of EC-funded MNBS projects.


Project Session I: BIOCDx, Liqbiopsens, SMARTDIAGNOS, Sniffphone, MADIA, AntiSuperBugs

Project Session II: Allerscreening, LoveFood2Market, PhasmaFOOD,

Initial Event Announcement

The 2018 edition of the workshop of European Union (EU) funded projects on Bio-electronics and Micro-Nano-Bio Systems (MNBS), will be jointly organised with the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration EPoSS, in collaboration with the Horizon2020 project inSSIght, and CERTH as the local organiser.

Just as in the previous years and with an established track record, the event will once again:

  • bring together the value chain of the micro/nano and system integration fields of endeavour;
  • actively involve the industry, science and user community;
  • provide a great opportunity for synergies, new topics, ideas for collaboration, exchange and networking.

The annual MNBS workshop is an excellent opportunity to:

  • diffuse and exchange information on research & development results and innovative solutions from EU-funded projects and other initiatives in Europe.
  • identify synergies and possible collaborations to tackle critical issues covering the full value chain from R&D to Innovation.
  • meet with key representatives from industry, research, users and the European Commission,
  • take on an active role in defining research priorities and roadmaps for future research and in the forthcoming EC programmes for research and innovation, Horizon 2020 and beyond.

The event will include oral and poster presentations from EU-funded and other MNBS related Research & Innovation projects and invited sessions, bringing technologies and solution providers closer to business and to end-users.

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