The Digital Champions met on the 17-18 December for the third time in 2012. The objective of this meeting was to assess progress of Digital Champions in 2012 and discuss plans for 2013. To date, there are 21 Digital Champions appointed. There have been four recent appointments: Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland and Croatia. The Maltese Champion mandate has now expired and has been replaced by a new one. The Commission hopes that Champions from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, and Spain will be appointed in 2013.


The Digital Champions met for the 3rd time in the period 17-18 December in Brussels.

The programme has been designed to combine a number of different priorities:
• Introduction to the priorities of the work of the DG Connect in 2013
• Introduction to the work and priorities for 2013 of the European Parliament
• Introduction to different Brussels based pan-European stakeholders who may be
   able to work with Champions both at EU and national levels
• An operational discussion with the Champions to understand how the
   Commission can help support their work further.
• A session with the Commissioner in order to have a proactive/strategic discussion
  of the priorities for 2013. 

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