The EU-funded iManageCancer project is finding out how mobile healthcare (mHealth) and serious games help people with chronic illnesses and in particular cancer.

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Chronic cancer treatment places various demands on patients and families to manage their own care. The iManageCancer project supports these challenges and puts special emphasis on psycho-emotional evaluation and self-motivated goals.

The Horizon 2020-funded project (running from 2015 until later this year) has created a cancer disease self-management platform designed according to the specific needs of patients to improve their wellbeing. The tool provides them with simple ways to manage their health in new ways, all from their smartphone.

Personal Health Record with your personal health avatar

The platform is centred in a Personal Health Record (PHR) accessible via your smart phone. It exploits recent advances on health avatars for the individual cancer patient designed to:

  • encourage the patient,
  • enhance clinician-patient communication,
  • maximise compliance to therapy,
  • inform about drug interactions,
  • and contribute to the management of pain and other side-effects of cancer treatment.

The Health Avatar PHR regularly monitors the psycho-emotional status of the patient and periodically records the everyday life experiences of the cancer patient with respect to the therapy side effects. Patients and their families can also share information through diaries and clinicians are provided with clinical information.

The PHR will help assess adherence to therapy, physiological and psychological status while the platform will recommend targeted informative applications and serious games according to the disease type and psycho-emotional status of the patients in order to promote a positive and healthier psycho-emotional state.

Design based on clinical evidence

The disease management platform is further complemented by an integrated expert system with formal self-management models that is oriented to decision support, the management of side-effects, adherence to therapy and guidance for patients including drug dose self-adjustments.

The iManageCancer platform has been designed based on clinical evidence and in close collaboration of clinical experts, IT specialists and patients. It is currently being assessed in clinical pilots with both adult and paediatric cancer patients.

Partners and policy background

The project consortium includes research institutes, universities and industry experts from Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

This project is in line with the European Commission's policy on the 'Digital Transformation of Health and Care', which aims to empower citizens and build a healthier society and it supports its third priority, namely using digital tools to empower people to look after their health, stimulate prevention and enable feedback and interaction between users and healthcare providers. It will run for three and a half years with a total EU budget of € 4,856,174.

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