The European Commission (EC) has commissioned a one-year study called MethoTelemed to develop a methodology framework to assess the effectiveness of telemedicine applications.

Bridging gaps between different scholarly perspectives to identify and recommend approved methodologies

As a part of the research work, two workshops will be held during the study. The first workshop will be on 17th June. The aim of this first workshop is to gather the views of users and providers of telemedicine services on the possibility of developing such a methodology. MethoTelemed brings together academics of international renown, policy makers, European networks (patients, healthcare professionals,...) and the World Health Organisation in order to develop academically rigorous and practically useful guidance for a methodology to assess telemedicine applications in Europe.

From the outset, the study highlights the range of relevant stakeholders and interests. The study takes this diversity into account through an extensive literature review combined with stakeholder involvement in two workshops, and endeavours to produce outputs of wide relevance and practical use.

More than 30 experts from different countries involved in decisions making, are participating. The aim of this workshop is to identify what user communities are seeking as evidence and arguments that might increase their use of telemedicine. Participants are patients, health professionals, payers and health authorities. An overview of the literature review will be presented at the beginning of the workshop as well as some case studies of existing telemedicine projects as inspiration for the debate.

The second workshop will occur at the end of 2009. The aim of this workshop will be to validated the draft Methotelemed Guidance.

For more information, visit the MethoTelemed study dedicated website