Major diseases like cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases are complex in nature involving environmental, life style, ageing and genetic components. One of the future challenges is to integrate the knowledge of all these different components into robust and fully reliable computer models and "in silico" environments that will help the development and testing of new therapies for better prediction and prevention tools in healthcare.

Integrative research approach: a new generation of multidisciplinary science fields is emerging at the crossroads of Information Technology, Medicine and Biology that provide "in silico" multi-scale modeling and simulation in medicine and biology

The Directorate-General Information Society and Media (DG INFSO) supports this integrative research through funding of projects in the area of multi-scale modeling and simulation known as the “Virtual Physiological Human” (VPH) initiative. The Directorate-General Research (DG RTD) supports through funding of projects in the areas of health research and systems biology.

To realise this ambitious vision at the crossroads of Information and Communication Technologies and Biomedical Sciences, researchers from different disciplines must work together on virtually everything that can be observed and measured at multiple biological levels in relation to human physiological diseases. The European Commission is investing in this topic through complementary research programmes in Information and Communication Technologies and Health research.

The ICT BIO ’08 Conference, organised over two days (Oct. 23-24) will provide an insight into existing and future prospects on integrative research for complex human diseases at European and international levels.

In recognizing the significant contribution of teams on both sides of the Atlantic to the emergent field of in silico oncology, the US National Cancer Institute and the European Commission jointly support the 1st Transatlantic Workshop on Multiscale Cancer Modelling (taking take place in the same venue at the same time) that is being co-organized by NCI’s Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor, CViT, and EC’s Advancing Clinico Genomics Trials Program, ACGT.

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