Following a call for proposals and a thorough evaluation process, the MEDIA programme announced on 23 October the list of beneficiaries of funding for the second call of its 2018 Distribution Selective Scheme.

With a total budget of EUR 9.750.000 allocated to this scheme, MEDIA is supporting the distribution of another 12 films (EUR 6,870,400) which will be screened in 6467 cinemas across an average of 26 different territories in Europe. 

Most of the titles for which European distributors will receive support have been recognised internationally, putting into spotlight the importance of MEDIA in supporting films to travel across Europe.

The selected films are:

  • "Zimna Wojna" (PL), directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, won the Best Director award in Cannes 2018.
  • "Lazzaro Felice" (IT), directed by Alice Rohrwacher, won the best Screenplay award at Cannes film festival 2018.
  • "Transit" (DE), directed by Christian Petzold, was selected in the Berlin International Film Festival 2018 for the Golden Bear.
  • "Dogman" (IT), directed by Matteo Garone, won the Best Actor award in Cannes 2018.
  • "Todos lo Saben" (ES), directed by Asghar Farhadi, was selected for the Golden Palm in Cannes 2018.
  • "Girl" (BE), directed by Lukas Dhont, won the prize "Caméra d'Or" (for Best young Director) and the prize of Best actor in the section "Un Certain Regard" at Cannes 2018.
  • "Grans (aka Border)" (DK), directed by Ali Abbasi, won the Best Director prize in the section "Un Certain Regard" of Cannes 2018.
  • "Twarz" (PL), directed by Malgorzata Szumowska, won the Siver Bear award 2018 in the Berlin International Film Festival.
  • "Utoya 22.Juli (aka "U" Utoya) (NO), directed by Erik Poppe, was selected for the Golden Bear award in Berlin 2018.
  • "Napszallta" (HU), directed by Laszlo Nemes (same director as "Son of Saul", won the FIPRESCI Prize in Venice Film Festival 2018.
  • "Los Bando Immortale" (NO), directed by Christian Lo, was selected for the Crystal Bear in Generation Kplus for Best film, in the "live-action-children" category of film.
  • “The House that Jack built” (DK, FR, DE, SE), directed by Lars von tier.

The supported titles originate from Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain.

To know more about the grant award decision, please read the resolution.