The call aims at fostering the development of new educational materials and/or services built on concrete instances of disinformation, as well as to design methods to raise awareness about the techniques commonly used by malicious actors in order to create, distribute and amplify disinformation over the internet.

Tools and activities proposed should directly or indirectly benefit the target group of citizens of all ages lacking media literacy skills and in particular the skills needed to critically evaluate content accessed via social media.

Please consult and use the documents related to the call:

The following projects were selected for funding following the ML2017 Call for Proposals:

  1. Social Media Literacy for Change  -  sml4change - Coordinator:  EUN Partnership aisbl  (Belgium)
  2. Newsmavens – women chose real news - Coordinator:  AGORA s.a.  (Poland)
  3. The European Media Literacy Toolkit fo Newsrooms - Coordinator: Global Editors Network   (France)
  4. Media Literacy for Living Together   -   MIL - Coordinator:  COFAC  (Portugal).

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