The EU's MEDIA 2007 programme for the audiovisual industry participates at the 59th Berlinale (5-15 February) and supports the MEDIA umbrella stand for professionals, the Talent Campus and the European Coproduction Market.

This year's Festival is showing no less than 17 MEDIA-supported films, and 5 of these are in the Films in Competition selection.

The MEDIA Info Day has a particularly international focus, informing professionals how to request financing for international cooperation projects. The current MEDIA International Preparatory Action explores ways of reinforcing cooperation between European and third-country professionals from the audiovisual industry on a basis of mutual benefit. The European Parliament has voted the action a budget of €5 million for 2009, its second year of operation.

This year's Berlinale constitutes the 2009 launch for informing the EU's highly talented audiovisual professionals on how they can cooperate with fellow professionals across the globe within the context of MEDIA International. Indeed, the Commission has already proposed a new "MEDIA Mundus" programme to give greater expression and continuity to this international cooperation.

The Commission has just adopted the MEDIA International work programme for 2009. As a result, a call for proposals is now launched (open : 7 February - closing date : 2 June 2009). Under this call European and third-country professionals can jointly apply for funding for projects in the fields of training, promotion, distribution, cinema networks and new audiences.

A first call for proposals, launched in spring 2008, resulted in some 33 applications. Following its evaluation procedure, the Commission selected 18 proposals to receive overall funding of almost €2 million. MEDIA International is planned to operate for up to three years with a view to paving the way for a broader EU support programme for global cooperation in the audiovisual industry sector, MEDIA MUNDUS, which should enter into force in 2011.

MEDIA International runs in parallel to the existing MEDIA 2007 programme which supports the EU film industry.


The existing MEDIA 2007 programme provides €755 million to Europe's audiovisual industry from 2007-2013, helping European professionals get training and develop, distribute and promote their works around Europe. MEDIA International and MEDIA Mundus have a focus on reinforcing cooperation between European and third-country professionals from the audiovisual industry.

Programme of the MEDIA Info Day at the Berlinale

The MEDIA 2007 programme MEDIA International Preparatory Action)

The future programme MEDIA Mundus


  • Lille Soldat (Little Soldier) by Annette K. Olesen, Denmark Zentropa Entertainments3/Denmark/Slate Funding/2007/25.000 € Zentropa Entertainment, DA, award: 14.076 € (I2I)
  • La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow) by Claudia Llosa Spain/Peru (Madeinusa) Oberon Cinematografica/Spain/2003/single project reinvestment/30.000 €
  • Mammoth by Lukas Moodysson, Sweden / Germany / Denmark Memfis Film Rights, SU, I2I award: 50.000 €
  • Ricky by François Ozon, France/Italy Distribution auto 2 territoires - total awarded = 31.200
  • Storm (Sturm) by Hans-Christian Schmid, Germany/Denmark Sales Agent Reinvestment: 75.000 €

PANORAMA selection

  • Der Knochenmann (The Bone Man) by Wolfgang Murnberger, Austria (world premiere) (Dor Film Produktions Gesellschaft mbh (Austria) / Slate Funding 2004 / 45.000€)
  • The Countess by Julie Delpy, Germany/France (world premiere) (Germany - X-Verleih AG - module 2: 43.477 € Norway - CCV AS - module 3: 31.404 € /Distribution Automatic scheme) Distribution auto 2 territories - total awarded = 74.881
  • Das Vaterspiel (Kill Daddy Good Night) by Michael Glawogger, Germany/Austria/France / TATFILM-PRODUKTIONSGESELLSCHAFT MBH (Germany) / Slate Funding / 50 000 € I2I award : 50.000 €
  • My Heart Feels Gloom - A Kabul Love Story by Helga Reidemeister / ZORAN SOLOMUN UND DAGMAR FROMME FILMPRODUKTION GBR OHNE GEPACK (Germany) / Single project 2006 / 15 000 €
  • Ein Traum in Erdbeerfolie (Comrade Couture) by Marco Wilms, Germany / Looks Filmproduktionen - award: 75.000 € (TV broadcasting)

FORUM selection

  • Cea mai fericita fata din lume (The Happiest Girl in the World) by Radu Jude, Romania/The Netherlands 2009 / Hi Film Productions SRL / Romania / Single project 2007 / 20.000€
  • Un chat un chat (Pardon my French) by Sophie Fillières, France 2009 / Pierre Grise Productions SA/ France / Slate Funding 2005 / 30 000 €

GENERATION 14plus selection

  • Unmade Beds by Alexix Dos Santos I2I2008 : 50.000 UK, Three Pillows Films Ltd
  • Mamma Mu & Kråkan (Mamma Moo & Crow) by Igor Veyshtagin, Sweden/Germany/Hungary 2008 (Norway - SF Norge AS - module 2 (27.000 €) and 3 (52.478 €) Distribution auto 1 territory - total not yet committed = 79.478 €
  • Brendan and the Secret of Kells by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, Ireland/France/Belgium /The Cartoon Saloon/Ireland/Single Project/2004/20.000€ I2I award: 50.000 €


  • Hilde by Kai Wessel, Germany / Slate Funding 2nd Stage /Egoli Tossell Film AG/DE/ 2005 / 50.000 €
  • John Rabe by Florian Gallenberger, Germany, France, China / Slate Funding 2nd Stage /Hofmann & Voges Entertainment GMBH/DE/2005 / 50.000 €